Image Map Welcome to NMRFAM Ponderosa Web Server.

Please upload your packed_inputs.txt file from Ponderosa Client working directory.
In other way, you can use two-letter-code "c3" in NMRFAM-SPARKY for quick submission.
Your result will be back in a few minutes to hours depending on your settings.

Currently, NMRFAM Ponderosa Web Server accepts:
1) Any academic projects with 5 different options,
2) Collaborative projects with 8 different options.

[Click here to download Ponderosa Client program for input preparation]

* Current performance settings in NMRFAM Ponderosa Server BUILD: 2018/03/21

Any academic users
1. AUDANA automation
2. PONDEROSA-X refinement
3. Constraints only-X
4. Constraints only-X for final step
(Implicit Water Refinement)
5. Constraints only-X for final step
(Explicit Water Refinement)
* Additional options:
6. CYANA calculation
7. PONDEROSA refinement
8. Constraints only

1. Keep file name as packed_inputs.txt !!!
2. Set User Name and Key Phrase as guest if you are not NMRFAM collaborator.
[Constraints Only-X(2)], [PONDEROSA-X refinement]

User Name (or guest): 
Key Phrase (or guest):

Use PACSY DB for better NOE assignment (recommended)
Do not use any information from same sequence proteins

Type select PDB_ID,CHAIN_ID from PDBSEQ_DB in PACSY web server to check template coverage.
Check PACSY-ALIGN to user defined coordinate file to enhance automated NOE assignments.

* Check your running jobs here.
Your E-mail:

Please review chemical shift assignment quality results from ARECA.
You will receive
ARECA results right after submitting a job.


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Last Updated: July 5, 2016
By Woonghee Lee (whlee@nmrfam.wisc.edu)

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